Raspiado is a power supply and USB hub for your raspberry PI. Not only does it expand the number of USB port from 2 to 5, it also supplies up to 4000mA at 5VDC that will ensure your PI and peripherals all have the power they need.

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Swiftpoint GT

Swiftpoint GT combines intuitive touch gestures with the precision and convenience of a mouse. It’s the first mouse in the world offering you a unique combination of a mouse a a stylus like pointer that you can easily switch between the model by tilting the mouse slightly on its side. The moustylus is also small enough to use easily with your laptop/tablet device.

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Zano Drone


Having secured £2,335,119 in funding and more from pre-orders, Torquing Group fails to deliver the Zano and goes into liquidation leaving many people angry and out of pocket.

For those as angry as me sign up here for change.org petition and updates as news unfolds.

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3d Printer Project – Heatbed Upgrade Part 1

When it comes to 3D printing, you have a choice of the normal filaments: PLA or ABS. Basically ou can print PLA filaments (not ABS) onto rough surfaces, in my case a glass plate with some hair spray (because i’m worth it,) or  you can print both onto heated surfaces. This heated surface or heatbed (not the kind you sleep in) allows the filament to stick to the printing surface at the start of printing and also stops the filaments from cooling to quickly and warping. Exact temperaturs are usually given by the filament manufacturer.

Guess it’s already time to upgrade to a heated bed (good thing i already ordered the parts)

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