Zano Drone


Having secured £2,335,119 in funding and more from pre-orders, Torquing Group fails to deliver the Zano and goes into liquidation leaving many people angry and out of pocket.

For those as angry as me sign up here for petition and updates as news unfolds.

Anything you read below this line can only be described as hope!

Zano is an ultra-portable, personal aerial photography and HD video capture platform, Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and intelligent enough to fly all by itself! ZANO connects directly to your smart device (iOS or Android)  via on-board WiFi and enables you to instantly begin capturing and sharing moments like never before.

This is a really interesting project that promises to create a great little drone capable of taking amazing videos and images using your mobile device as the control base. HAve a look at the following video for a quick introduction.

For more information visit the ZANO Kickstarter page. If your quick, you will be able to register your pledge for one of the limited edition units available on Kicksarter. you can give these people your money for nothing!

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