Onion Omega – 3D Objects

Some 3D Models of the Onion Omega and Onion Omega Expansion Dock and Onion Omega Mini Dock.

All models were created in Google SketchUp  8.0.16846 and are in .skp format.

Onion Omega
Onion.Omega.01 Onion.Omega.02
 Onion.Omega.zip (58 Kb)



Onion Omega Expansion Dock
Onion.Omega.Dock.01 Onion.Omega.Dock.02
 Onion.Omega.Dock.zip (83 Kb)



Onion Omega + Onion Omega Expansion Dock
Onion.Omega.in.Dock.01 Onion.Omega.in.Dock.02
 Onion.Omega.in.Dock.zip (112 Kb)



Onion Omega Mini-Dock
Onion.Omega.Mini-Dock.01 Onion.Omega.Mini-Dock.02
 Onion.Omega.Mini-Dock.zip (140 Kb)



Onion Omega + Onion Omega Mini-Dock
Onion.Omega.in.Mini-Dock.01 Onion.Omega.in.Mini-Dock.02
 Onion.Omega.in.Mini-Dock.zip (144 Kb)




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