Onion Omega – Case

A concept case design for the Onion Omega Expansion Dock.

The plan now  is to 3D print this and refine it to accept expansion modules.

Onion Omega Expansion Dock Case v1
 The original design, this was shortly adjusted to V2.



Onion Omega Expansion Dock Case v2

 The second revision and the resulting print. This had some issues with the internal mounting ping breaking off as well as the external clamps breaking off.

It turns out that neither the clamps nor the internal mounting pins are required.

STL Files: Onion.Omega.Case.V02

Note: These printed very tight and should really be increased slightly. Due to the size of the model i ended up printing at a scale of “0.015”



Onion Omega Expansion Dock Case v3

V3 includes separate insert-able mounting pins so you can print them on their side, this in theory should make them stronger. The external clamps have been removed. There is also a slight recess for the expansion board to fit into.

STL Files: Onion.Omega.Case.V03

Note: The design was enlarged slightly and was printed at a scale of “0.01” it is still a bit snug!



Onion Omega Expansion Dock Case v4

V4 includes vents at the bottom of the case

STL Files: Onion.Omega.Case.V04

Note: The design was enlarged slightly and fits nicely off the printbed.




6 thoughts on “Onion Omega – Case

  1. Howdy,

    I edited the files so that they would print with Repetier (had to remove a load of lines and remake the edges), the updated files are here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12816733/Onion%20Omega%20in%20Dock%20Case%20Top%20fixed%20v3.stl and here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12816733/Onion%20Omega%20in%20Dock%20Case%20Bottom%20Fixed%20v11.stl

    Also can I (or can you!) post this on Thingverse as well, as I know I’m not the only one that would like to use make this case and I found it by accident.


    • Matt,

      Good work, not sure why they wouldn’t print on your Repetier but will give them a god on the Hephestos as well. Have you whacked them on Thingverse?

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. Had my ME print one up a few days ago and test fit it this morning. Looks and works great!

    • Jim, Glad it is working well for you, always nice to have feedback! Even better if it is positive!
      Any chance you can share an image of the case?

  3. Salti, how much time does it take to print one box on Prusa i3? Just to be able to calculate the print price if I will order from commercial printing service.

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