3d Printer Project – Heatbed Upgrade Part 1

When it comes to 3D printing, you have a choice of the normal filaments: PLA or ABS. Basically ou can print PLA filaments (not ABS) onto rough surfaces, in my case a glass plate with some hair spray (because i’m worth it,) or  you can print both onto heated surfaces. This heated surface or heatbed (not the kind you sleep in) allows the filament to stick to the printing surface at the start of printing and also stops the filaments from cooling to quickly and warping. Exact temperaturs are usually given by the filament manufacturer.

Guess it’s already time to upgrade to a heated bed (good thing i already ordered the parts)

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FreeNAS Project – FreeNAS installation

Using the IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) functionality provided by the Super Micro motherboard, you can basically configure the BIOS, install the FreeNAS OS and use your computer via a network connection. This avoids the need to hook a monitor and keyboard up to your server, it also allows you to mount an ISO as a virtual drive allowing you to install the OS incredibly easily. This post walks you through the process of installing FreeNAS using this method.

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