FreeNAS Project – Introduction

Data backups can save you allot of time, especially if you put a lot of work into that document. They can also stop you losing that awesome photo. DVD’s and CD’s can also take up allot of shelf space with those artwork covered protective boxes used to cocoon those easily scratched shiny plastic disks.

Backup and save space all in one solution: FreeNAS. Create a network share that can then back up to the cloud. Digitize those circular plastic bastards and with the right set-up you can stream the video our music to your TV, Tablet or even your mobile.


  • Expandable Storage Space and lots of it.
  • A decent bit of software capable of streaming to DLNA compatible devices.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Noise
  • Bitching case

Project Pages

  1. FreeNAS Project — Hardware
  2. FreeNAS Project — Finished Build
  3. FreeNAS Project — FreeNAS installation
  4. FreeNAS Project — DVD ripping

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